Arthur's Lea, Abbotsham

Project: ARTHUR'S LEA, ABBOTSHAM, DEVON Client: Pearce Homes Contractor: Pearce Homes (Barnstaple) Ltd. 11 Open Market and 5 Affordable Houses A small development of 11 Open Market and 5 Affordable houses set out on a restricted site on the edge of the village. Planning was very restrictive as this is a Rural Exception site, however, client viability required a certain square footage needing to be achieved. The differences were eventually resolved by careful negotiation. Significant hedge and tree planting around the site mitigated a lot of Planning issues and results in the integration of the development into the rural landscape. Site levels were restrictive due to the density of dwellings around the access road. The road was conceived as a uniform shared surface to create a small 'home zone' area utilising non-standard highway details