Heywood Park

Project: LANE END, INSTOW, DEVON Client: Catalyst Homes A bespoke design of 4 individual houses and a private access road The individually designed houses took inspiration from the unique seaside setting and are carefully set out to provide stunning views from the living rooms and first floor level over the adjacent sand dunes and out to sea. The style of the dwellings is timber boarded seaside architecture. The habitable rooms at first floor level have high, sloping soffit ceilings and open plan accommodation with directly accessible external terrace areas to take advantage of the views and orientation. The site was won on appeal by ourselves and the highway access and improvements to Lane End were resolved after lengthy negotiations with Planning and the Highway Authority. The site access road has uniquely been constructed as a private road so the residents are able to control visitor and parking restrictions as in the Instow area there is a parking problem for access to the beach.