Devonshire Park

Project: DEVONSHIRE PARK, BIDEFORD, DEVON Client: Bellway Homes Ltd 250 Open Market Houses, Access Road and Sewers The scheme was or some 250 dwellings spread over five phases of construction. The site constraints were challenging, as part of the main site access had to be very steep. Ford House is a listed building and had to be retained in a suitable setting. This was achieved by creating a formal setting to Ford House as a central feature in a road 'green' feature, whilst incorporating a mature 'blue cedar' tree as a focal point. The impressive new large houses around that feature also incorporated an open stream with attenuation ponds and SUDS surface water measures, creating off line cascading ponds in the watercourse. Elsewhere on the large site, a woodland non - retained, enhanced and gifted to the Town Council as a walking area for the community. A number of 'home zones' were created to reflect the various zones of different styles and character of accommodation. These encompassing areas of smaller lower cost houses, flats, medium sized houses and larger individual houses, around the listed theme and feature tree, woodland, ponds and stream.